Wednesday, 21 February 2018   6. Jamadi-ul-Akhir 1439


Verse Of The Day
They ask thee to hasten on the Punishment: but, of a surety, Hell will encompass the rejecters of Faith!- 29:54


Thank you so much for everything. We had such a wonderful experience at Hajj. Everything went so smooth. I was so worried about the travel, weather and leaving the kids here but it was such a blessing. We are very happy and satisfied with our Hajj.

- Tasneem Khan

SM Hajj Hujjaj could not have been better. Hina and I had a wonderful Hajj experience. Again thank you, Huma and our beloved Sheikh Sahaib for a very memorable and smooth Hajj.

- Qamer Shah

Mashallah it was a pleasure to be in your group, everything was Mashallah perfect. May Allah give us wealth and health to perform hajj again. Ameen. Thank you for everything and may Allah give you strength to take Hajis to hajj every year. Ameen

- Salim Hafeji

Hajj is beyond doubt a memory that will stay with one forever. Thank you so much for a wonderful journey and all the arrangements during hajj 2015. Hafiz Mohammad Nisar Ul Haqq was very knowledgeable and approachable. I loved how we had halaqa's each day. He would prep us for each event giving us historical backgrounds and importance of each day. That really helped us reach our inner spirituality. Sister Huma was very kind and helpful. It was so nice to learn from them and also bonded with all the team members and hajji's. Atif Bhai and everyone in our group were amazing. My husband had issues with his passport when we applied and he really went out of his way to make sure we get the visa on time. I'll never forget that. Team SM hajj always tried to make sure all arrangements were organized and planned. With that said, no matter how expensive a package is there are always things that are not in ones control like local logistics etc. that one cannot foresee. Nonetheless I would sincerely say that SM hajj are very good and InshaAllah I would go through them again without a doubt. Once again jazzak Allah kher team SM Hajj!!!

- Laila Afridi

Me and my wife had an excellent Hajj experience in completing this important farz. Sirat al-Mustaqeem Hajj organizers, delivered what they promised in terms of airline flights, accommodation and guided tours. I would strongly recommend them, especially to first time Hajji's, and also to these who would like to go again, Inshallah.
- Abdul Rashid & Mumtaz Bawa
Hajj experience with Sirat al-Mustaqeem group was better than my expectation. VIP tents close to Jamaraat definitely worth it. Also I think it is really important that you attend the class organize by Sirat al-Mustaqeem before Hajj as they provide lot of useful information in it.
- Wasif Ansari
Very humbling and eye opening experience!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Karla Rasool
Overall our experience was really good. Organization was excellent. Arrangements for the accommodations was excellent. Food was plentiful and good. Arrangement for transportation was very good. Accommodation was close to Masjid-e-Nabwee and Haram Sharif. Arrangements for visiting Haram Sharif were good and timely.We really enjoyed our journey to the Holy places. Arrangements at Arafat and Muzdalfa have some room for improvement. The idea of going to Madina first was excellent and is highly recommended.
- The Younas Family, the Mushtaq-Ahmed family and friends.
Alhumdulillah, receiving the invitation for Hajj from Almighty Allah is a blessing in itself, and getting the privilege of going along with an experienced group like sirat al mustaqeem hajj group made the entire experience smooth and a memorable one! May Allah reward you greatly! And we pray that He accept from all of us. Ameen.
- Rahim & Shahin Meghani
Jazakallahu Khair, it was a great experience going to hajj with Sirat al Mustakeem. Thank you for making it so easy for us. You guys, not only promised, but also delivered, 110%. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, to each and everyone from sirat al mustakeem team; Hafiz Iqbal Sahab, you are a great teacher. We all learned a lot from you; how to perform hajj and umrah in the right way. May Allah reward you. Great coordinators Atif Fattah, Colonel Aftab Sahab, and Huma Shah. If Allah gave me another chance to perform hajj, I would definitely choose you guys. Jazakallahu Khair.
-Amin & Yasmin Hemani
Allah (SWT) the most Merciful and most Beneficent has made Hajj a mandatory Pillar of Islam with a condition, who so ever can afford and is in a good health. A Muslim makes an intention to perform Hajj and Allah (SWT) grants an invitation. The Hajj experience varies depending on the group of Hujjaj in various Makatab. Sirat al Mustaqeem was a source for us to be blessed guests at The House of Allah (SWT). It was unique experience of life; every individual involved in making the administrative and logistics arrangements was working tirelessly and happily. “IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE, WE WERE BLESSED TO PERFORM HAJJ WITH SIRAT AL MUSTAQEEM GROUP” Allah (SWT) made performance of Hajj Extremely easy on us; as our Muaalam Hafiz Sahib started with the prayers; it enriched us spiritually, mentally and physically. Every moment spent in Mecca and Madina was great. Within the group; each Hajji/ Hajja were cooperative and extending help and care to each other. Doctors with in the group were real blessings and their presence was joyful. They were always smiling and caring.Sirat al Mustaqeem is one of the Makatab who made their best efforts to facilitate performance of Hajj to the best of their abilities and resources. There is always room for improvements because no single system is perfect for a group of people having unique and individual mind sets.
- Hamed & Noreen
Whenever I think of Hajj I feel nostalgic. I still remember every single second of those 18 days. I felt so close to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Sirat al-Mustaqeem Hajj group was awesome. They took care of all our needs and were very caring and cooperative. We were able to perform all the rites of Hajj at their most optimal times. Hafiz Iqbal would motivate us spiritually by giving historical background, spiritual aspect and fiqh rulings through out our trip which was a great help. In Mina all of us ladies bonded so well. We helped each other and I made very good friends Alhamdulillah. I sincerely wish and pray that I can go to Hajj every year with this group. Ameen.
- Nighat Shaheen
I went for Hajj with Sirat E Mustaqeem Hajj group in 2009. It was the most amazing experience of my life.
The Hajj trip is a lot of effort and does require a lot of patience but since we had an excellent team to help and guide us, this trip became much easier and extremely memorable.When you go to Hajj your primary concern is the technical aspect of Hajj i.e: you want to be sure that all the obligations are done according to the sunnah of Rasool Allah s.a.w and at proper time. Alhamdolillah, our Hajj was accurately done according to the Sunnah and there were no compromises made due to time constraint or any other factor. The highlight of the trip was: knowledgeable, constant and untiring guidance of Hafiz Mohammad Iqbal (group leader) who guided us every step of the way.Hotels in Makkah and Madinah were 5 star. They were clean and comfortable, with a lots of food. As they were most conveniently located access to Haram was easy and we were able to spend most of our time there and did our Ibadah.The arrangement of Ziaraat (sightseeing of important places) were simply great because of the knowledgeable local guides.I have to say that all the Hujjaj were great. I made a lot of friends on this trip. We still meet up for a picnic on a good day even after two years of our Hajj.I would like to go again on Hajj Inshallah. I would not have any hesitation in choosing Sirat E Mustaqeem again
- Babar Khan


Me and my wife had an excellent Hajj experience in completing this important farz. Sirat al-Mustaqeem Hajj organizers, delivered what they promised in terms of airline flights, accommodation and guided tours.

I would strongly recommend them, especially to first time Hajji's, and also to these who would like to go again, Inshallah.

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